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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Tuesday night at the RHR

 After building shelves, to support the electronics,  the first quad unit was installed. After adding the bus wire holders the first run of bus wires were also added. We are now in the early stage of soldering feeder wires to every section of track on the mainline.

In the Thames River area the overhead road bridge was test fitted and the river bank received the base coat of paint. This river bridge and the ones by the Coal mine, require a lot of scenery to be completed before the bridges can be installed.


Elsewhere yard now has all the track and turnouts in place, final adjustments and mainline alignment are still required. Well that's only partly correct, because we are installing a turntable which will require a turnout from both of the Elsewhere and Wellington yards.

The passing track in Fidler was laid, and the industries were test fitted as a start to laying out the town's sidings, the last ones, on the mainline,  to have all of its sidings positioned. 

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