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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Friday fun at the RHR

 With the decision to not have a steelmill, in Hunter, 4 other industries were located there. Buckley Mills is the only industry at the fire door exit, so as not to block access to the fire extinguisher. As there is a lumber mill backdrop there a siding was put in to service it. La France and Schell industries were added to the furnace end. All the tracks were also laid to these industries.

To increase the gravel traffic, a siding was added to Springbank. It will service Zorra Cement. Road access was added with the use of 3 rerailers.


All the sidings in the harbour area of Lincoln were installed. Because of 2 oil backdrops, we are considering adding a siding to service them and the expanded City Services, oil depot.

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