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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Friday Fun

Some of us are available to run on Friday afternoons when the railroad scene is a lot quieter than Tuesday nights. That's when one can think through their switching moves with more logic and less pressure when other passenger trains and/or local or through freights are "still in the yard."  The only thing on the schedule besides switching last Friday afternoon is shown to the right; a B&O double header
chasing its tail around the Zorra Cement reversing loop.

Here's a shot of the same double header rolling west across the viaduct above Heron's Landing with a 39 car freight and a green light [thanks Don P and Jim F.].
At the same time, with additional runaround tracks now in places,
meaningful switching was also happening with only occasional appearances of the thundering monster to disturb things. If you are available on Friday after-noons, free free to join us for fun and fellowship. Call Glen at 519-
539-2403 to make sure we are going to be there on any particu-lar Friday.   

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