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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tuesday Night at the Huff n' Puff

Larry had the night off thanks to Connie's birthday [the right choice, Larry].  New member Tate and his dad were doing some switching with Tate's new CSX diesel when dad asked me how long it took to get the layout to its present state. I had to think about that so this blog is dealing with memories, good for all of us to consider. Picture 1 shows basic construction underway in March, 2013 with one reversing loop in front.
 Layouts, of course, are never done and changes began from
the very beginning as new ideas got thrown out on the table
[no pun intended]. Picture 2 is looking across what turned out to be the community of Lincoln with the branch line forming up behind and what became the Wellington yard in the back-ground. This shot was taken in December, 2013. Most of the construction took place on Tuesday nights with additional sessions as members were available.

Picture 3 shows the Springbank yard as it was in March, 2014 with the start of the oil refinery in place but not much else. Larry Brinker painted all the layout backdrops which got better and better as the layout progressed. Impressive use was made of appropriate cutouts which Larry melded in with his backgounds. One showing a background refinery was later placed behind the structure shown and added significant realism to the scene. Another mainline track runs just below the photo.
 Picture 4 shows the branchline that serves a logging area under construction in July, 2014. Remember that I said a layout is never done??  Well, the branchline is currently under reconstruction. There's nothing like operation to show up where improvements are needed. 
Incidentally, Tuesday night was Tate's dad's first go at switching. He did amazingly well and went home totally exhausted. Tate, as a usual youngster, was fine.

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