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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday Night at the Huff & Puff

Three new turnouts will be installed in Valleyview as indicated by the flex track in this view. The crossover will enhance switching and allow passenger trains to pass switching freight trains. The upper turnout is for the new freight company.

Work continues on the branch line with some of the rock put back into place.  All the new track is in place. But we have identified a couple of places where it needs to be adjusted. John has tried all the new track on the branch with good results, some cleaning required.

Tate had his Mom wear the conductors hat as she is still learning the ropes. She has commented that she had no idea there was so much involved in model railroading.

Don and John discuss progress on the branch line.

Looks like a couple of trains have arrived at Springbank at the same time. Don and Doug will have to wait until Mike and his son finish switching. Some time soon we need to try having a switching crew at each town. A lot of freight was moved during the session with a few new engines tried out.

Glen works on the area for the new branch line turntable. This 9 inch turntable will only handle small the small engines working the branch.

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