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Saturday, August 29, 2015

More Friday Fun

 Change is the name of the game and here is a turntable and engine house being worked into a corner of Lincoln. This will house a switcher to work the Lincoln and Miller yards to take rail cars to and from the branchline which itself has just received new heavy duty rail. Business is booming on the Huff and Puff
This past Friday saw members Bill drive down from St.Marys as usual and Jim Long drop in needing a "railroad fix" after being away on a farm "holiday" near Kincardine. 
If you look closely, you can just make out Jim's BNSF consist thundering down into Tom Smith tunnel heading for the Lincoln reverse loop. No control problems here but we did have a brief layout power loss which we now know how to correct. Thanks, Jim

Now this is hard to believe!! Bill is actually running his 0-6-0 pulling a passenger train of 4 vintage cars rather than his usual two B&0
giant articulated locos hauling at least 35+ hopper cars. The 0-6-0's decoder actually says "board" when it stops at a station. No excuse now for the miniature passengers to miss their train. 

Glen is practicing his switching on the branchline getting ready to play yardmaster at Lincoln. The switches in this section do leave a bit to be desired but infrastructure changes take time. I think I got all the car cards back in their proper slots with inserts right way up, Larry. Let me know on Tuesday night.

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  1. Well Glen, I think you would make a great yard master.