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Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday report

Over the last 2 weeks all the new track has been laid on the Northdale branch. It is now code 100 track for allbut the ore yard and the last logging switchback. A test run was made on Sunday with out a derailment. A few more feeders need to be added, the rail painted and ballasted. We will probably test it for a while before putting the scenery back in place, good job to all that have put effort into this project. There is also 2 signaling projects in the works. The high line turnout at Warwick has the signals installed already, and signals for the upper return loop will be next. Other jobs for Tuesdays work night include adding a turnout in Heron's Landing and adding feeders to the caboose track in Wellington. We are also going to test out a snap power supply for all the remote turnouts which will keep the turnout motors from over heating.
Glen takes his street car out for a run

track on the branch is down

signals for the turnout at the end of the upper loop

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