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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff & Puff

Another humid night with more DCC problems, I think we are send back at least 5 controllers to Digitrax.

John brought in a bag full of people so Lincoln was the first town to get a population boom. I like to try and pose people in natural positions, like several people talking out side a store, or some people obviously watching some construction project. Don't worry the blue truck is just holding up the people until the glue dries.

Work continues on the branch line with the last of the code 100 rail laid. There seems to be a general agreement about the new turntable at Lincoln which will be used to turn branch line switchers. John is seen here working on the track to the spar tree in the logging camp.

Northdale is growing, the Pier is open for business as well as the new National Freight Lines terminal next to it. Both of these sidings have 4 or 5 car capacities. When the construction on the branch is completed it should be a busy place. At that time we will try having an operator stationed at Lincoln to switch both Lincoln and the branch line. As Glen stated in his post, no model railroad is ever finished, so looking forward a cross over will be installed in Valleyview and a siding for the Western Freight Lines building is in the works.

The pier and the terminal both need to be detailed yet.

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