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Friday, December 18, 2015

Branchline idea

What if we run a branch line freight from Elsewhere to the Ortona yard and back. This freight would only switch the branch line towns, Miller, Northdale, and Ortona. Why? This would take pressure off the mainline as 1 train crew would be on the branch line. It would take congestion out of Lincoln, because this train would only pass through Lincoln.  It would eliminate the confusion about the cards and switching the branch. It could be a mixed train with a couple of passenger cars. It would reduce the changes we have to make in Lincoln. How? Use the another set of card holders, which we have, for the branchline cards. It would be run as a separate railroad with its own set of cards. It would interact with the mainline from Elsewhere, eg a lumber load to Hillside Lumber driven by the mainline cards. This may require a through freight to return flat cars for lumber, tank cars, and coal hoppers needed for branchline industries from Wellington to Elsewhere. Maybe this could be the first part of this train order. You would pull the cards for the branchline mixed freight, if some of the rolling stock is not in Elsewhere, you would get them from Wellington. The log train will be just a branchline operation.
What do you think?

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