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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Hmmm, I got it wrong, tonight was not a work night, next Tuesday is. So we had to quickly clean up the layout to run a session. Everyone checked out the new Lincoln with no complains, now only time will tell how well it switches. We are almost through all the new cards and it seems to be working well. I didn't run, but I did observe. In my opinion, we are running trains that are too long, some trains should be shorter, we should adopt a courtesy movement policy, don't just arrive in the next town, if you are just passing through, ask for permission to pass, or wait until the switching ahead of you is done, we all start from the two yards, we need to leave trains on the layout to be completed and   Run the other trains, branch, ore, log, passenger trains, we should have a train schedule to gets the other trains running, we should be fixing rolling stock issues and need the supplies to do it, the good thing is we can do all of the above with little effort.
Looking to the new year. We have accomplished a lot. The upper loop is nearing completion. The changes in Lincoln just need some scenery. The 2 new cross overs just need testing and scenery. The code 100 replacement on the branch is working well. What's next? We still have updates to Wellington to be worked out and scheduled. Some have talked about replacing the rest of the code 70 track in Ortona, which would allow us to redesign it to allow for more industry there. But first we need to relax and enjoy what we have accomplished,
Happy New Year everyone!

Ore trains returns to Ortona.

 Glen switches Lincoln.

Passengers wait to board at the Lincoln station.

 Freight train arrives at Elsewhere

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