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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lincoln plan update.

Changing the way we run the branch line, running it as a separate railroad that now interchanges with the mainline at Elsewhere, has had an impact on the Lincoln update plan. We no longer need the interchange yard at Lincoln, and do not need to reroute the mainline. It now boils down to adding another run around to help the switcher to set out and pick up cars, and moving a few buildings.
A lot of discussion was held about changes at Lincoln. A plan was made that requires little track work changes. It involves, moving the freight station to where Allen Lumber is, which opens the space to make another run around using that siding. Move Allen Lumber where Buckley Mills is, and move Buckley Mills to the other side of those 2 sidings, this makes uncoupling rolling stock at both of these industries better. Shorten the siding that now services Hay Co. and put the piggyback ramp there, just to the right of Hillcrest Packers. Put the city block where Hay Co. is, and move Hay Co. where the old Miller Interchange yard is, removing the 2 middle tracks and shortening the back track, which will serve as a log dump track. It was also suggested we put in some tanks for bulk glue.

We need a name for the branchline, O & E (Ortona and Elsewhere), M.&N.W. (Miller,and Northdale , Western), M & N R.R. (Miller and Northdale Railroad ). Any input is welcome! 

This coming Sunday morning and Tuesday night are work days, bring your tools. 

The crossing shanty, water tower and the freight station will be moved and a turnout will be installed on the track to the right of the crossing shanty and the track will be connected to the track at the freight station, giving us a new run around.
The track that looks like it is headed towards Hillcrest Packers will be the new piggyback ramp track.
The yard in the distance will be the new home of Hay Co.

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