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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday fun

I guess everyone agreed with the changes as outlined on the blog, so it happened. The crossover in Miller was installed and the tracks were repositioned to fit. That crossover and the one in Valleyview were wired. The new area in Wellington was painted and some ground cover was added. A new turnout was put in to make the new run around in Lincoln, and it was wired in.
The water tower and switching shanty may be put back between the tracks. Tom also painted this area.

 Jim also wired in the on off switch for the switcher shed in Lincoln.

 Two turnouts were removed at the old Miller Interchange yard and replaced with track and wired. Hay Co. was moved to the old Miller Interchange yard area. This whole area had scenery added. Hay Co. Now has a log delivery track.

 The old siding to Hay Co. Was shortened and straightened. The piggy back ramp was added and scenery put down.

The freight station was moved to the old Allen Lumber siding.

 Buckley Mill was removed, turned around and positioned on the old piggy back track and this area had scenery added. Going to add a truck loading dock to the back of Buckley Mill.

Don putting the glue down, so it can't be moved.

 Allen Lumber now sits where Buckley Mill was. The city block will be put back where it was before.  I think everyone will like the new Lincoln.

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