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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Operating Procedures

Should we have something like this as our standard operating procedure?
Steam engines : 
    Train cars are dropped on the incoming track for the switcher to position in yard
    When they arrive with a train need to have the ash dumped and be turned for the next trip . If the ash dump is by the turntable might work well.
    Before leaving they would need water,coal and sand. 
     I f it is a passenger, then the express freight car needs to be picked up
    They are then parked on a ready track for the crew to pick up , get their orders and couple to their train and pck up a caboose

  Diesel engines; 

    The train cars are left on the incoming track for the switcher.
    Depending on the type of engine it may need to turned on the turntable in readiness for the next trip
    Needs to go to the prep tracks for fuel and sand before 
    This allows time for the switcher to move the incoming train and position the next outgoing freight. 
Submitted by Jim Long.

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