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Monday, December 28, 2015

Rolling stock list

We counted the cars on the layout to see what we need.
Box cars need between 46 to 58, we have 47 and Glen is bringing a couple more.
Tank cars need between 19 to 23, we have 17, could use a few more.
Hoppers need between 31 to 43, we have 28 could use a few more.
Cov. Hoppers need 18 to 24, we have 19, could use a few more short ones.
Refers need 8 to 10, we have 10.
Gondolas need 10 to 13, we have 14.
Stock cars need 8 to 10, we have 9.
Flat cars need 14 to 17, we have 8, could use a few more.
Piggyback need ? We have 1, could use a couple more.
There is also cars to be repaired that we're not counted.
I think we should run for a while to see if we still get shortages before bringing in much more

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