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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Building the Drying Kiln

The Drying Kiln was build to mimic the 1 in the McCabe Stayfork Sawmill kit. I did make it about half the width. My kiln measures 38' x 14'. The walls were constructed with board and batten and scribed siding. The small lean to shed has clap board  siding. Inside bracing is scrap pine strips. The bottom strips were exposed to represent a cement foundation.
Although not all the bracing strips are not yet installed, the siding was stained with Hunter Line Weathering Mix. Some of this weathered wood will show through the finishing wash of red paint, adding an age look to the building.
The front door height from the ground, was determined by the height of the delivery ramps.

Front loading door and outside bracing have been added.

The Kiln is almost complete, it still needs steps, Windows and doors, and some weathering.

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