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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Planing Mill Structures, part 1.

The 6 structures of the Planing Mill complex, 2 planing mills, a breeze way, boiler house, sawdust tower and a water tower, combine to make up a big block of buildings within the Saw Mill complex. The transfer shed will not be modeled.  The bottom of the main walls were made with clapboard siding topped with a small header of board and batten. Scrap wood was used to strengthen the walls.

All of the windows in these structures are located in the clerestory walls. These sections were made by using a flat piece of pine stock, painting the areas where the windows will go, black, and gluing the windows and board and batten spacers to it.
The McCabe buildings are 35' x 58' and 30' x 50' I  made mine 26.5' x 62' and 26.5' x 48'. The width was chosen because Northeastern Scale Lumber, 1/8" board and batten is 3.5" wide. The lenghts were also chosen in part by the length of Northeastern's clapboard siding.
The 2 planing mills, some of the power house and sawdust bin are taking shape. I glued the walls of each building and held them together as my wife stretched out rubber bands, and put them around the building to hold the walls tightly together, as the glue dried. The building was checked for square and each joint was checked for alignment. Oops, must have missed one.

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