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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Progress was slow. Lining up the turnouts at the end of Springbank has been very troublesome, with the new direction it now has to go. We did get most of it put in. The same can be said about Lincoln. It has 2 mainline and 2 branchline connections and some benchwork to complete. We got a lot of it put in but there is still work to be done to get all the track and turnouts installed. The rest of of the upper mainline track should go faster.
Upper mainline leaving Springbank. 

The end of Lincoln where all the work has to be done. 
The above picture of the lower mainline shows that we have not started on the benchwork for it. The track on the left, where the turnout is sitting, is the branchline. The next track to the right is the lower mainline and the next track is the Lincoln east end switching lead. The 2 tracks to the right are sidings. The tracks turning off at mid picture are for the upper mainline. We have decided to install all of the upper mainline, wire it and then test it with Mike's battery operated engine, before doing much to the lower mainline. We will also do some work on the branch and logging lines at the same  time. We have opted to use part of the branchline in Lincoln as an extra passing siding, but because of the way the turnouts are oriented you can only leave the branchline by reversing onto the mainline as the branchline doesn't service Lincoln, it connects with the lower mainline at the east end of Lakeview,  on it's way to Elsewhere.

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