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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Homemade gooseneck pole/door lights.

Very easy and inexpensive  way to build your own gooseneck lights. I bought a pack of 8 mm flat pad post w/clutch ear ring findings at Hobby Lobby, well I got my wife to buy them, less stares that way. Only cost $3.00 for over 14 of them, it says, mine had about 20 pairs.

Next you make a punch out of a piece of 3/8" dowel. I chucked it in my drill and held it against a bench belt sander, until it had a rounded end. For the die I used a scrap piece of oak and drilled 2 3/8" holes in it. A 1/16" hole was then drilled through the middle of each hole to accept the post. With the punch still in the drill, I held a piece of sandpaper over the die hole add pushed the punch into the sandpaper and hole and spun it a few times, moving the sandpaper each time, until the shape of the punch matched the hole in the die.
If you also drill a 1/16" hole in the rounded end of the punch you can also make umbrellas. Simple place the ear ring stud in the hole and punch it into a concave shape. Make sure the post doesn't stick out of the other side of the die. If it does you will have to add another piece of wood with a matching hole under it. Next, just past the keeper ring area on the post, on the pad side, make a 90 degree bend. If you bend it in the keeper ring groove area, it will break. Moving a bit closer to the pad end of the post, with the previous bend up, bend a half circle in the post with a wire bending pliers,  the type with the round jaws.
Should look something like the one on the left.
Mount them on the adhesive side of a piece of masking tape mounted on a piece of scrap and spray paint them.
They should look like this, if you use green paint. I will add a white bead to represent the bulb as in the 1 on it's side.

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