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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Last of the destruction was completed. The ideas listed on the cad drawing were reviewed and agreed upon. So we will have a large sawmill complex, passing sidings on either side of Lincoln, the branchline loop around Lincoln will also be used by the mainline as a passing siding, the coal mine will go in the exit door corner, the gravel dock will be in Lakeview and Ortona will be its original width and containg the ore mine.
During a short meeting we welcomed Larry Mayberry as our newest member, and agreed to start rebuilding per the plan. Phill also reported on his visit to the Central Texas Area Model Railroaders. He brought forward the idea of having a handout pamphlet for the club, much like the one he brought back from Texas. It was agreed to pursue the idea.
With the little time left we started to build the supports for the upper mainline towards Northdale and remove the old branchline turnouts on the back side of Lincoln. In review Lincoln will have the same 4 track, double ended yard, with long switching leads on both ends. Plus there is a passing siding on each end of Lincoln. The branchline will start after Jutland, in the town of Lakeview, run around Lincoln and end in Ortona. It will also have running rights on the mainline from Jutland to Elsewhere.

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