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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Progress at the Huff and Puff.

Finally we are in the rebuilding stage. The benchwork and almost all the road bed was installed for the upper mainline, last night. People were standing back and commenting " Now I see the plan." Amazing how a little bit of benchwork changes everything.  Yes everything is still a mess, but its looking good to me.
Maybe the next step should be to install the track and wiring before we start on the lower mainline, especially at the end of Springbank? Thanks to our new member, Larry, all the track is cleaned and ready to go. We should also decide on our electrical blocks and where the quad unit will be installed.
The corner was cut off of Lincoln for better access to the branchline and logging line. The station was going to be moved anyway. The church can occupy the vacant lot, if the waterline leak is ever fixed.

Ortona benchwork raised up to 53 inches and installed into place. Most of the background was saved in this area by lifting the back wall an inch and a half. A new top and road bed will be added to the top of the cabinet. The plan right now is for Ortona to act more like a staging area with trains being dispatched from there.

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