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Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday fun.

Glen, Larry, Jim, Jim, Rob and I were in attendance. Jim and I had several discussions about the Train Orders, including the fact that it would be better if the return run was on the back side so that the Train Order just needs to be flipped over, for its return trip.  He then set up trains to use the Train Orders on Tuesday. Glen continued adding scenery and helped install benchwork,  when he was needed.
The benchwork from Lincoln to the sawmill area was added, and some of the logging spur was laid out. We were trying to get all the remaining sawing completed, but we still need to add the 1x4 face along the front of the benchwork, and finish the logging spur.
Rob and Jim were busy adding feeders. Rob also levelled out the hump area on the mainline on the back side of Lincoln.

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