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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Monday morning surprise.

"Monday morning, sometimes it just turns out that way". On the way home from a small DIY  job, I stopped at the club to count some cars. Specifically how many tank cars, and gravel hoppers, we have. We could use a couple extra tank cars. Checking the gondolas I found that only 1 had crates, so our cards will read containers, the 1 coil car will also be changed to hold containers. Flat cars have pipes, 2 cars, poles, 2 cars, 1 with a crate will be changed to a lumber load, and the others have various lumber loads. The pipes will only go to the power plant. The ones with poles, lumber, and beams, will be referred to as lumber or wood, on our cards.
As I was about to start taking measurements on some areas of track work when in walked Glen. He had come in to paint the ceiling tiles a brown colour. This helps seal it to receive scenery.
Then a guy came in to check the fire extinguisher, all good. Another interesting day at the Huff and Puff.

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