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Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday fun.

Jim set up the trains in Wellington and Elsewhere with the new cards finding out that 9 cars is a bit long, so we cut it down to 8, but 7 might be better.
Don came for a visit with a couple of maintenance sheds for the layout.
Glen continued sculpting rock walls and painting them.
Jim soldered in feeders completing Lincoln and the rest of the branchline in Lincoln, although it is not connected to the Quad unit as we still need to work on the Lakeview area.
More work was completed on the 6 track, Ortona yard that Mike had started. Working with reused track makes this job more challenging.
All the while discussions continued about how we operate and how to improve it. An idea that was kicked around was that the branchline trains should be only staged in Ortona, Glen is a proponent of this one and I'm sure Jim will be also, especially if they are Turns and come back to Ortona instead of Elsewhere.  The 2 tracks on the left are to run around the logging cars and an escape route from the turntable. The 1 on the left also has a turnout for the engine  house. This leaves 4 tracks to stage trains.
I also laid out turnouts where I thought we need them on the rest of the branchline. Two in the Miller area, 2 for the passing siding in Lakeview, 2 for the sawmill sidings, and 1 for a siding in Lakeview.  We only have 3 extras left. We will probably find a use for them too.

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