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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Lighted roundhouse by Jim Fox

I asked Jim to send me the information on his interesting project of lighting his roundhouse. He told me he had gotten tired of laying track and adding bus wires on his home layout. So for a change he thought he would switch to a little detailing project. Below is the information he sent me.

I used 3mm 9-12 volt led lights (pictured above) for the pit , I put 5 lights down each side of the pit and ran it to a switch so you can turn them on or off each pit buy its self

Then I powered them with a LM 2596 buck DC to DC step down converter switching regulator 
They have a input of 3.2 volts -35volts dc
Out put of 1.25volts - 35volts dc adjustable with read out display 
Out put current of 3A. Max 
You can get them on line (Wish) for about 5 bucks each, pictured below.

 A number 1206 led light was used for the hanging lights.

Larry gave me some top hats he had made out of ear ring studs see Julys post on Homemade gooseneck lights. 
I then drilled a hole in the middle of the top hats, fed the light through it then put a stiff piece of wire and a heat shrink on the light wire coming out of the top hat to make it straight and stiff 
Holes were drilled through the beams to put the lights wires through. Brass tubbing was put down the posts to feed the wire down through the round house, as in the picture below.

Then I wired it all up under the round house.

Great job Sparky. Can't wait to see the next little project.

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