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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

The new Train Order cards were used for the first time. So observations. East and West cards should be back to back. Only 1 set of each colour/consist can be used at a time as there are not enough of some types of rolling stock. If we only have 1 set of each colour of card stock we will not have enough different colours, however in some cases we can use different colours of ink e.g. red ink on white cards. Overall the cards seemed to work well.
Projects worked on. Gay Lea Foods and Esso Oil have new signs. The siding to Schell Industries was installed. All of the roadbed was installed on the branchline,  just the logging spur needs to be constructed.
The loop to Ortona was laid and the 6 track yard in Ortona was started.
As Peter and Jeff switch Lincoln, Mike and Rob work on the branchline. 

Don brought an Exchange student from Brazil to our layout. 

Glen and Larry work on another part of the branchline. 

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