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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Jim thought he might start running with some of the new Train Orders. Wouldn't you know it, he picked out the only Train Order with 1 of the cars it ships missing. I now have to make a pipe load on a flat car (there needs to be at least 2 of every type of car/load). This got me thinking, why not use them now. The way they operate is the same as the way we operate with the card system we now use. The above pipe loaded flat car will satisfy our rolling stock needs. All the industries are in place, but not  secured into their position with scenery, I think. Hmm, next Tuesday will be fun.
Meanwhile a group of us continued working on the Branch line up to Ortona. The benchwork is now in place and all but 1 piece of roadbed has been installed. The approach to the gravel dock has also been completed.  Once the scenery on the new sections of the mainline is completed we can add the benchwork connecting  the branchline between Lincoln and the sawmill. After the trackwork from Lincoln to Ortona is installed, with the benchwork  cutout for the stream, the benchwork up to the logging camp can be added. Then all remaining track can be completed and wired. That will be a turning point in this project. On to scenery and finishing up.

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