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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Friday at the Rec Hall Railroad , 9/3/2021

 Glen added plaster cloth to the edge of Burtch as Rod continued the mainline into Hunter. Don S. drought in our new signs, The Rec Hall Railroad, which is a nod to the fact it was a Rec Hall for an army camp, located on the fair grounds.

Rob soldered on some feeder wires and Donald installed the switches for the storage yard and one end of the yard in Elsewhere. We are thinking of using powered switches for the passenger yard.

The cement plant in Sunset was rotated to move the switches away from the port of Dover and the bend in the mainline was straightened out, because it no longer had to skirt the cement plant. The passing tracks and sidings were installed also. There is also concerns that the passing track in Lincoln is too long at 18 feet. It could be cut into two by installing a cross over, area circled in red.

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