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Monday, September 6, 2021

Switching puzzle

 Down toward the furnace corner for the west wall peninsula, but at least 2 feet away from the corner, is a great spot for the switching puzzle, easy access and lots of aisle space.

 It would be a stand alone layout, maybe with a track to the mainline, to bring in an engine. However with the town of Warwick's inxustries of, Heritage Furniture, Reliable Electric and Coastal Oil, located behind it, it will appear to be part of the layout. (I guess we could switch like coloured box cars from the mainline). These industries will be located so they can be easily reached, for switching. Coastal Oil will use the old fueling rack as part of the complex.

We would use only box cars on the puzzle, with them being black, silver, green, red, blue, and yellow, although we could also use, say, a blue tank car, red box car, brown gondola, silver covered hopper, green stock car, and a black hopper, for our colour impaired friends. Cards would be held in a box showing various colour and type of car and their locations, on each and maybe a score card, for fun. Anyone have a timer?

Editor's note. I will have to check that we have both the colour of cars and ink colours for printing out cards.

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