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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Tuesday night at the Rec Hall Railroad Sept 7, 2021

 With a crew of 10, work continued everywhere. Jim finished plumbing the second washroom and then showed me the plan for the hydro and the 4 quad units. He then went about finding supplies. Staying with this topic, Don P. and Mike soldered feeder wires to the mainline.

The mainline progress continued on 4 fronts. Don S. and Jeff worked on the Thames River Bridge area, Don S. and Rod worked on the Hunter Steel area, and completed it to the furnace. I mocked up the switching puzzle area but we decided, because of the height of the layout it would be better as a stand alone layout so younger people could have fun with it. Removing the mock up  l laid out the town of Warwick in its place. Last but not least Donald worked on the Elsewhere yard.  Glen continued scenic elements on the branchline and Larry M. was busy building shelves under the main peninsula.

I have not mentioned Rick in the last few posts. He has been busy in the background, mostly  sorting out rolling stock.  With input from several members, he has removed rolling stock not suitable for our layout, and has already sold several items, adding the money to our slush fund. Most of these items will be on our tables at the Woodstock Train Show, in October. 

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