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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Meeting night at the RHR.

 At the meeting, the financial report was accept. Rick provided information about the Woodstock Train Show and added money from sales into the kitty. The roof leaks were noted and will be watched, the fair board will also be notified.

Rob installed more feeder wires along the west peninsula, as Jim and Joseph laid out DCC equipment in preparation to start wiring in earnest.

Glen continued plastering the cliff along the branchline. This has to be completed before the track is installed.

Rod continued working in the Tatham area, Don and Jeff painted the Thames River banks, Peter worked on the sidings in Lincoln,  I add a spacer under the Lincoln dock and put in the crossover there.

Larry M and I stacked lumber in and on the new lumber storage area, and 5 boxes of fire wood were set out.

It was decided, because of a lack of space and appropriate steel plant buildings, to make Hunter just another town.

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