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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Tuesday night at the Rec Hall Railroad, R.H.R.

 The club received a donation of a box of railroad items, and this Postage Stamp, n scale set was inside. A couple of us had this set, years ago, infact it was the first set i had after i got married, good memories, thank you so much.   

The mainline loop around Admiral was laid as well as the ore siding, that is hidden behind the town site. This loop completes the mainline, in both directions, all the way back to just past the port of Dover, where work continues on the Thames River.


The Thames River received some plaster cloth along the banks of the river. When the scenery is done on the river, the bridge can be installed, and the mainline continued.

Work progressed on the Elsewhere yard and the town of Tatham, and when this 8 foot area and the Thames River area are finished, the mainline will be completed. However we may install crossovers in Lincoln and lift the track at the stream near the Coal mine, to install scenery, which will close the mainline down, while this work is done. But this doesn't stop Mike with his battery operated engine. He travelled most of the mainline without any problems. The picture shows his engine passing the Lincoln station. The trackwork needs to be tested over and over, to insure good running for years to come. For instance, we may want to super elevate mainline curves. We also need to finger test each rail joint and remove any burs or uneven joints.  Wiring is already in progress on parts of the mainline and our main power source.

A potential problem we may have is metal grains in our beach sand ballast. Both Jim and I have used this material for ballast over the years without any problems. The thought is, if it is glued down, and then vacuumed, there will be no loose grains to get pulled up into an engine.

Rick displayed 3 passenger sets that are for sale, as well as other items. David has repaired a few buildings, and collected 9 similar stations to be touched up for the mainline. We need to clean up the layout of track and other items, so we can set up industries at the sidings, stations, town buildings and roads. Lumber and other construction material, need to be sorted and stored.

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