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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Aug 17, 2021, continued

 The Pinehurst area was also up for revision. This whole peninsula has became to congested in the attempt to include everything. It may be scaled down to a station, freight house and the connection to the branchline, we will see.

Cliff and I adjusted and secured  some roadbed and the Oliver logging camp scene as Glen continued adding scenic elements around Admiral. 

Hard to keep track of everyone, but I know Mike and Dave were busy sorting scenery material and other boxes of stuff, but didn't find the Silos. Most of the scenery material was sorted into the kitchen cupboards.

Don and our visitor, Ron, from Delhi, worked on the dam area. The whole area behind the track was elevated for the new location of the road bridge and to get the land elevation the same as the photo of the dam. This will make this area closer to the actual scene of the CP crossing the Thames River, which was Don S. Vision all along. Having seen the visual results of this elevated area, it would help enhance the look of the layout to employ this, easily done, idea in other areas of the railroad, like between Sunset and Lincoln, if only 1 inch high. Across the river, another, arced, elevated area, will complete the scene. The open area may be a place for the corral and a farm scene. The red circled area will have several structures added.

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