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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Tuesday Aug 3, 2021

 Don S. cut out the river below the dam and painted it. The water colour is spot on.

Peter worked on some of the trackwork in the Dover harbour area. He also continued the back mainline past the town of Sunset, where it will pass behind the cement plant, and continue on to Lakeview.

Cliff and Rod continued laying track in the Pinehurst area. We found that using a drywall screw, in the foam, just snugged down between 2 ties, will hold down the track, and will still allow cars to be run on the track to check for problems.

Larry M. started to build some shelves under the layout. This shelf will hold our supply of buildings, bridges and some track.

Jim installed the new toilet, minus the correct lid. Then, Don P. and Jim started to cut and tin feeder wires.

Glen continued to work on the cliffs of Admiral. I laid out the probable location of turnouts, and track, for the gravel plant as well as the meat packers/stock yard and team track in Lincoln.  Just had time to set the first turnout in Lakeview,  our second harbour location.  ADM,  a dock and 1 other industry will be located there. Donald also continued working on the passenger terminal tracks. Busy night.

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