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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Tuesday night at the Rec Club

 Don S. Is getting some signs for the building so I should start using that name.

Glen add a piece of scenery from my old layout and started the abutment for the bridge out of Admiral. Glen and Larry M. brought in lumber from a shelving unit removed from Glens house. This will be used to build more shelves under the layout.

Tom worked on the Refinery and it's sidings in the town of Maple. We have all been frustrated with the problems of working with used track, and Tom was having his share. 

Joseph set to work removing old feeder wire stubs from our supply of track.

I added a few sections of track at the Nelson Coal mine area and moved the mainline around Ortona, a little to the front, to give more room for the tracks in Nelson.

Don S. Laid out the highway bridge over the tracks and river, in his Pittock Dam scene.

Jeff started laying sidings into the lumber yard.

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