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Saturday, August 28, 2021


 Locations of the 3 quad units and the 12 blocks, as set up by Jim and Joseph.

Since we have 3 quad units that supply separate power to 4 blocks, the mainline was divided into 12 blocks about 25 foot long, and a line and the word block was put at the dividing line between blocks. Insulated rail joiners will be used to separate these blocks.

Block 1 is the west peninsula and the south wall, plus the bench across the aisle. It consists of, Elsewhere, westbound and Wellington, eastbound mainlines  to the furnace bridge, and from the furnace, both east and west bound mainlines to the cement plant. The quad unit will be located in the middle, near the furnace.

Block 2 is most of the center peninsula. It starts from the cement plant both east and west bound mainlines to Ridgeway, just past the gravel pit, and then from there to the curve just past the sawmill. The quad unit will be near Ridgeway.

Block 3 is all of the east peninsula. It consists of both east and west bound mainlines, from the curve at the sawmill to just past the Coal mine at Ortona, and then from there, around the loop and back, and all of the elevated branchline. The quad unit will be near the Coal mine.

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