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Friday, August 6, 2021

No photo Friday

 Gary dropped in with some magazines for the club and had a look around. Glen was at his usual spot working away to complete the cliffs at Admiral.  Rod worked on the track at Pinehurst, moving a turnout so it would not interfere with turnouts behind it. He also continued the eastbound track toward Maple. Tom positioned the Refinery and it's sidings in the town of Maple. The passing siding in Maple will mirror that of Valleyview on our old layout, in that it is twelve feet long with a crossover in the middle of it (Rob you got your wish). Industries in Maple will include sidings to the lumber yard at the sawmill, sidings to load tank cars at the Refinery, and a siding to the lubricants dock, for box cars. The mainline continues eastward behind Ridgeway towards the big loop of the peninsula. I started laying out Ridgeway and it's 2 industries of Mutual Grain  and Union Ice. The mainline from Ridgeway also continues toward the peninsula loop. So all of the mainline and it's towns are mostly laid out, on the east side of the peninsula, all the way around the west wall and back, or about two thirds of the layout if you include Elsewhere, Wellington, Dover, Sunset and Lincoln, which also have their industries or the turnouts set in place.

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