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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Aug. 17, 2021, Lincoln revisions

After a reviewing, with members there, of some of the track arrangements I had made last week, we decided there is no space for a passing track in the gravel plant area, the passing track in Lincoln will be used as necessary. Although moving the Lakeview harbour seemed like a good idea, we decided that Lakeview will be absorbed into Lincoln, this will make more open space between Lincoln and Sunset, top photo. Speaking of Sunset, we can't locate the Silos for the cement plant? Anyway, Jeff started adding track in the town of Lincoln, after adding the new passing track, which will now service the harbour.

 We need to have Union Ice in Ridgeway, so some track adjustments were made there, with the input by Don P. as to the orientation of the passing siding turnout. Don, after builing many layouts of his own, has a good eye for track problems. Tom and Rod got to work on that and the track by the gravel plant.

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