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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Scratch built a couple of cement plant buildings.

We wanted a couple of buildings to go with the cement plant for the other side of the mainlines. The actual quarry is somewhere in the background with an imagined conveyor system up to our plant. So I scratch built a simple transfer tower to connect with the conveyor from the silos. A bulk cement loader (from the old coal mine will load covered hoppers on the old Heritage Furniture siding. The office was also moved. Don suggested we add a truck loading system to the end of the silos.

 Next was a pre-heater building. Remember the post on skewed perspective? The 2 end tower walls were made from the top bar of a blind. The floors and inside walls were also cut from them. The top wye pipe with the loop on top, is part of a plastic hanger. It feeds 2 tanks made from maker barrels with the plastic tassel ends, from the blind, forming the conical bottoms. They feed, through a section of sprue into a cyclone tank. It again was made from a marker barrel with a top fashioned from a piece of wood. To the right it feeds a tank made from a plastic test tube, which is connected to another test tube tank. The bottom connects to a whatchamacallit what was a water bed drainer. This attaches to the gismo that rotates the slats of the blind ( which will be cut into plant markers) which in turn hooks into yet another plastic test tube ( read shooter glasses). On the top of the shorter tower is a shack which was the part that raises and lowers the slats. A couple of plastic caps and more sprues finish off the piping.   Then 1/4 inch square wire mesh was cut into lengths and used as railings. The elevator winch house was also made taller. Painted it dark grey and weathered it.
 The engineer who designed this tower is not available for comment, so no one knows the functions for any of the piping system, so don't ask. All I know is my junk box is empty, just knew the water bed drainer would come in handy one day!

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