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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sidings at Zorra Cement

On Friday, Don and I built up under the Warehouse, added ceiling tiles pieces to the edge to facilitate the siding down to the warehouse. We then added track, but did not nail it down, it may need adjustment. We then looked at putting some tanks, silos, bins and building flats against the backdrop to extend the cement plant across the mainline. It was even suggested we paint a quarry on the back drop. I also had an e-mail from Gary saying he liked what we are doing, but thought Heritage Furniture looked out of place. It should be in a more urban setting (Wellington). If we make that siding part of the cement plant how would we know where to spot cars? Aha, put names on each building, like Bulk Cement Loading 1 & 2, Coal Receiving, Warehouse, and Receiving Dock. Then the waybills would say something like City -Valleyview, Type - CH, Industry - Zorra Cement, Bulk Loading #2. A covered hopper with this waybill would be spotted at Zorra Cement, on the bulk loading area behind the mainline, simple. The hill by the coal mine was also given a rough coat of plaster.
The conveyor would attach to a building flat on the backdrop, and you can see the bins, taken from the coal mine, that could be added to the scene.

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