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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Fun look out Lincoln

I guess on Friday the station location in Lincoln was thought not to be in the correct location. Don thought it would be better over in the corner by the church. But it is on the branch line track and there is no way for passenger trains to get back onto the main. Someone should help that poor lady, she's fallen and can't get up.

What about joining that branch line back up to the mainline just after the curve. At the same time we all know how hard it is to switch Buckley Mills so why not move it to where the ice house is and add the piggyback ramp to the end of the team track. The crane could go there too.

The ice house can be put where the station was. It is lower than Buckley Mills so you can reach the turnouts behind it.

Sorry about the punctuation, but my keyboard has a mind of its own today, cant even get the question mark to work.

 The lumber yard track and the old track to the Piggyback ramp will be moved to the left where the lumber buildings are and they will be put behind the 2 sidings. The piggyback ramp will be added to the end of the team track.

 The ice house location will become the new home of Buckley Mills. What do you think.
The station will not interfere with mainline switching, the lumber yard will have 2 sidings and be easier to spot cars, Buckley Mills will be easier to spot cars at, and the mainline will have another run around in Lincoln.

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