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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Turnouts at Trent's Hill

With the upper loop nearing completion we needed to  address the turnouts at Trent's Hill. Donald came up with the idea to represent abandoned track going to the old tunnel and further enhance the illusion by using old code 70 track, great idea. Why was this track abandoned, there was a tunnel collapse of course! There is a rumor that quarrying activity at the gravel pit is responsible.
Option # 2 requires buying 2 new right hand turnouts, ( see dashed red line)and at first glance, seemed the best option. But with Don's plan no purchases are required. Turnout A would be taken out, with a section of curved track replacing it. It would be put at location B to connect to the upper loop. A new mainline would be attached to the straight track and be rerouted to connect back to the mainline near the trestle (see the hashed line). This would make the track nearest the aisle the run around.  Passenger and freight trains will be able to meet and pass using the Long River run around instead of having to wait way back at Valleyview.  Without a meet, the Warwick turnout would remain straight for both passenger and freight trains, turnout B would be switched for traffic from the loop.

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