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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday fun

Hmmmm, just John and I and a whole box of  Krispy Kreme, what to do? We decided to tackle the upper loop. Cut and fit the last section for the main part of the area, took a few tries to get it levelled just right. The 2 curved turnouts with flex track attached, were put in place and tested, one passenger car seems to roll through all the turnouts just fine.

Then we cut and fit the filler for the hole thought the wall section. Another section of flex track was placed through the wall, to check for alignment. Most of the mess was vacuumed up and stuff put away.

Wellington station was set in place just to see how it will fit.  All of the track is just set in place for everyone to look at on Tuesday night before proceeding any further. Besides we need 2 #6, Atlas left hand turnouts and several lengths of flex track.

 Looking ahead we could build up the area to the left of the level and put in a row of buildings, put a street where the level is and another row of buildings to the right of it. Then slope down to the level of the station. The back side of the buildings to the right would have sloping basements added to them.

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