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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tuesday Night at the Huff & Puff

The passenger tracks were laid and all the turnouts are in place at the new passenger terminal in Wellington. Some adjustments in the track was needed as the passenger cars just touched in one location, The Fox eyed it.

The station was moved to set along the straight part of the loop. That's when we noticed, what happened to the back wall of the station? (I personally think this is hilarious, as I hadn't noticed it, I guess Glen has a project waiting for him.) We discussed the layout of the proposed new city layout for this area, many like the tiered idea, more visual impact. Turning our attention to the junction where the new upper loop will join back on the mainline, Don and Jim came up with a great idea.  The outside turnout, at Trent's Hill will be taken out and used to join the return loop with the straight through track being rerouted to join the track over the trestle.

Jim brought in the hoist part for the crane. He had a lot of trouble with the hoist cable, but finally crazy glued the thread to the pulleys, voila.

Remember next Tuesday night is work/meeting night. See you then, still many projects to talk about.

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