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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff & Puff

Quite the gab fest at our monthly meeting. We talked about some changes we should make, which I discussed in the last blog entry. What happened next was what I like about a group. We moved to the layout and again listed the changes, but now they were visual. Then with a diagram, we went over each change in detail. Now the lights went off! After moving the coal mine and seeing the space left, we don't have too move the mountain, just blend it in better, was one idea. Why raise the coal mine area, the elevation change adds visual interest, was another.  Why don't we put 2 tracks through the tunnel, hmmm? When we brought over the cement plant we found it will have to be modified to get it to fit, but we ran out of time. We even talked about the tracks to the power plant. The point being, the GROUP came up with a lot of changes to the original idea, model railroading at its best, I think.

Testing the fit.

putting in new turnout

track installed

adding a new retaining wall

The coal mine at it's new location. Because it is at the back and in a corner we will batch switch it like we did Tuck.  That is how many hoppers you deliver, you will pick up that many, max of 8 right now. The car cards will be left in the card holder for Tuck.

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