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Monday, September 14, 2015

Thoughts about Lincoln

What's wrong with Lincoln. I would have never thought about moving the station, but now the new location makes sense, and again its great that the idea came from one of our newer members. However moving the station leaves a vacant lot. So why not address the other problems, switching Buckley Mills, piggyback ramp, and the lumber yard is difficult at best, and all those turnouts clustered together causes problems. With the ideas listed in the post Look Out Lincoln, the sidings to Buckley Mills and the piggyback ramp will be gone and the lumber yard siding will be in front of the buildings and easier to reach. Perhaps the back run around (which is behind the old station) could be moved to the front and the remaining turnouts replaced and realined. This would put the ice house behind all the turnouts where it will not have to be reached over. The lead for the Miller Interchange Yard and possibly the yard ladder may also have to be reconfigured, and maybe moved to the front of the layout, with the mainline behind it. Put on your thinking caps, let's see if we can fix Lincoln.  Now that it's out there, I think this should be done before we tackle  the changes to the rest of Wellington. Of course the other projects should be finished first and we may have to wait until we have the funds to cover the cost of new turnouts.

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