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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday fun

 Plaster was applied to the area around the coal mine and painted. With the mine pushed back, the cars will be easy to get at as they will out in front of the access door. We could put a road to the third bay, to load trucks. The switch could also be moved further to the left, making the sidings longer. The mine will be batch switched, that is if you deliver 4 cars you take 4 out.

The foot prints of the cement plant buildings were drawn onto the ceiling tile base and all the buildings were removed. The gully was filled in with a stone wall. The joints will be hidden with foliage later.

The old tunnel holes in the mountain were also patched over.

 The rock areas front and back of the base were repaired with hydrocal and water soaked paper towels, making sure not to go over the building foot prints. The area was given a thick coat of brushed on hydrocal.

 When dry, the area was painted and the buildings were set back in place. The track which had been removed was also replaced.

 At the same time the upper return loop was removed. New uprights and cross supports we're added and leveled. Some old plywood had to be sawed out to level the remaining part of the upper loop.  A plywood deck was then cut and put in place. A couple more pieces of plywood and the ceiling tile base can be put in. Once we decide on how we want the turnouts and buy them, we can lay the track. If needed I guess we could put in a temporary return loop.

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