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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Topics of discussion

 The non-seaport idea has had wide approval, overall. The fact that the ship and the travelling crane are protected is a big selling point. The steel mill, which would be mostly a backdrop picture, augmented by a warehouse, ore unloader and coal towers, has also had no negative comments. An elaborate passenger terminal seems to be a non-starter, as people want to focus on freight operations. So it will probably be nothing more than a couple of passenger trains on passing tracks, like we had on our old layout. There has been some push back on extending the branchline down one side of the peninsula. One reason is that what you gain on the branchline doesn't equal what you loose on the mainline. Another concern is the 100 feet the log train's geared locomotive would have to travel, creeping along for "scale" hours. 

One of the next steps will be to locate the mainline curves in all the corners and loops. The track at the back of the loops will have to be laid, ballasted and wired, early on. The branchline benchwork location will also need to be worked out so the mainline in front of it can be located. Some of the branchline can be put together and then set into place.

I would be remiss not to remind members, that this blog is my sounding board and as such, I rely on your comments, especially during covid times. If all I get as replies are likes, I have to assume the plans submitted are accepted to develop them more. As an example, its shocking that I still have to explain the basic "flattened oval" track plan! It is the foundation, discussed months ago, that hours of planning have been based on. Construction continues, based on this concept, I hope everyone is happy with the result.

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