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Friday, June 11, 2021

Turntable relocated

 With the branchline track moved to the front of the bench, Ricks idea, there is room for some town buildings behind them. Ricks simple comment allowed for a much longer passing siding and better access to the turnouts and sidings, don't hesitate to speak out. We all get lost in our own thoughts, and then someone observing interjects the perfect solution. Of course, this layout, came about when Don P., for 1 said they liked the original plan, for this area the best. 

After relocating the turntable I painted the track location with dark brown and painted the rest an earth tone. I think this is a better option, as it allows for a passing siding coming out of the loop, on the mainline. Sites for the coaling tower, water tank, station and a sand house were painted in.  Moving the turntable and engine house  also allows the branchline track to move to to the right which aligns better with the Spar tree spur. As you can see I also painted the white backdrop on the peninsula blue.

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