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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Trailer Cleanout - Thanks Doug Brown


Since the mid fall of 2020, some of our dismantled layout has been stored in a former Erb Transport reefer trailer on Doug Brown Welding property on Dufferin Street in Woodstock. A friend of Don Stoddart, Doug was very gracious in allowing us the use of this lockable location when our backs were up against the wall in having to remove the layout from its Devonshire location. This spring, Doug pulled the trailer out from its background location, took the wheels off it and plans to store incoming metal products in it. Hence, our need to clear out our stuff and take it to our new Woodstock Fairgrounds location. Don Stoddart, Rick Owen, Rob Ross and Glen McDonald did that task on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

After some shuttling of items back and forth from the trailer to the Fairgrounds in our three vehicles, we are down to the last item, Don is ready to help Rob carry a table formerly in the Devonshire layout office to Glen's van. Then we can shut and lock the trailer doors for our last time and Don can thank Doug Brown one more time and we are "outa there".  

The final loads arrive from the trailer to the Fairgrounds location and Rick Owen is right there to help Rob park and carry the items in to our new layout location. There are still many bins of layout content stored in member basements, garages, etc. that will be brought back at times needed during the layout reconstruction. Pandemic numbers are falling as we get vaccinated and soon we can get back to regular work sessions.   

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