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Thursday, June 24, 2021


 My thoughts, please correct me if I'm wrong. 

If the quad units are placed at the middle of the east wall, splitting the branchline and the mainline into 2 sections each, the middle of the peninsula, splitting each side of it into 2 for another 4 blocks, the west wall split into 4, passenger yard and leads, the main yard and leads, the south end of the mainline,  and the turntable,  and the south wall and back of the peninsula, split into each side of the aisle, the harbour and the switching puzzle.

The, loosely twisted bus wires terminate in a terminal block at the end of each bench.

Starting at the main yard, the rail closest to the aisle will be wired black and the other rail will be red. So no matter wherever you are on the layout the mainline  track closest to the aisle,  will have a black feeder on the rail closest to the aisle.

I have read the pros and cons of braided versus solid feeders, what do we want. Also only copper? All the same gauge?

Using the island terminal town of the branchline,  I see no problem with soldering feeders to feeders, as there will only be 1 engine running in that town at a time.

As we wire each section can we not check the power distribution to each rail with a meter? If so we could set a standard and try to correct any area not up to that standard as we go?

Can we use a dc engine and controller to test run trains before we attach each section to the dcc power, and can we check the power supply to each rail?

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